Beyond Suffering

Have you ever suffered physically, emotionally or spiritually and wondered why? Do you have family members or friends with disabilities and struggle to know what to say or how to act around them? People with disabilities are considered one of the world's largest under-represented groups. The church is largely unprepared for the burgeoning disabled population. One of the primary goals of the Beyond Suffering Course is to address this issue by preparing leaders in ministry, education, medicine and science to become involved in this life-changing ministry.

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Certificate Program

Disability Ministry

Beyond Suffering: A Christian View on Disability Ministry is the flagship curriculum of the Christian Institute on Disability at Joni and Friends. The Certificate Program is a groundbreaking course of study created to transform the way Christians view God’s plan for disability and suffering. Available as a certificate program or for transferrable college credit!

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Intro for Leaders

Advanced Studies

Beyond Suffering: An Introduction for Christian Leaders is designed especially for busy pastors and others who seek to lead their congregations into deeper ministry to families affected by disability in their community. Hosted by the Global Access Association, this FREE four lesson introduction to Beyond Suffering will help you get started!

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