April 2013

Joni Eareckson Tada ADA Suite Dedicated at Sheraton Agoura Hills

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  • April 30, 2013
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Joni in her wheelchairWhile all major hotels now boast several Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant suites, the Sheraton Agoura Hills located next door to the Joni and Friends International Disability Center is the first to dedicate one such suite to Joni Eareckson Tada, who served on the National Council on Disability in helping to craft the ADA legislation more than 20 years ago. Joni shared, “We are proud to have the Sheraton Agoura Hills as a neighbor here at the International Disability Center, and I am humbled that they would choose to dedicate a suite in my name. The honor truly goes to the entire Joni and Friends staff who serve every day to help share the hope of the Gospel with those with disabilities and their families.” A unique feature of the Joni Eareckson Tada Suite at the Sheraton Agoura Hills is that Joni’s paintings grace the walls throughout the suite. A statement released by the hotel lauded the artwork, calling Joni  “a remarkably talented woman.” The statement continued: “The Sheraton Agoura Hills Hotel is proud to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing accessible suites for our guests with disabilities. We have dedicated this particular suite in honor of our friend and neighbor, Joni Eareckson Tada.” 

Watch the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Come Home With Us to Family Retreat!

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  • April 25, 2013
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Cathryn at the wheelchair square dance during Family RetreatCathryn is a beautiful 21-year-old with a ready smile and a keen intellect. Her dad often serves as Camp Pastor at Family Retreat – but Cathryn has her own reasons for coming every summer. “I’m surrounded by love at Family Retreat,” she explains. “I can be myself without worrying about looking just right. There’s a side of me that comes out at Retreat that doesn’t come out any other place…. It’s an important part of my year because I can do things here I don’t normally do. It means something special to me to share my thoughts and hang out with people who understand me.” Cathryn’s family understands disability firsthand. “We had no clue...

Do You Have a Heart to Serve?

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 16, 2013
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Stm helping her friend eat a s'moreSpend a week with us this summer giving and receiving the love of Jesus at Family Retreat! Here are a few ways you can jump into the joy of serving…. You could serve a child or adult with a disability as a Short Term Missionary. Do you have creative skills? Help out with art and recreation programs. Or be a part of our Prayer Team. If you aren’t able to attend, you could even join in by sponsoring a family through a Family Retreat Scholarship. We provide the training you need at all of our Family Retreats nationwide. Click here for our 2013 Family Retreat schedule and volunteer registration information. Join us today! The life you change might just be your own!  

Joni is Featured in Bible Study Magazine

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  • April 13, 2013
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Joni on the cover of Bible Study MagazineJoni Eareckson Tada is featured on the cover of the May–June ’13 issue of Bible Study Magazine. In this special issue, she shares her love for Scripture, faith, and Bible study. Here’s an excerpt from the cover story…

“Proverbs mandates us to search, as though mining hidden treasures, as though prospecting for precious metal. The wisdom is down deep in there; but God wants to know that we take Him and His commands seriously, and so He requires that we study, search and seek Him out. Prudence and discernment, understanding and knowledge, insight and wisdom don’t come casually or lightly. They come by hard...


Autism Inclusion Strategies

girl with autism and friendsDo you know someone affected by autism? Perhaps a family member, neighbor, or someone at your church? With nearly one in every 100 births resulting in a diagnosis of autism - and that statistic is changing rapidly - you're sure to know someone touched this spectrum disorder. As families are struggling, churches need help. As Joni and Friends highlights National Autism Awareness Month, we’re sharing a list of guidelines for preparing your church to embrace...

Bringing Smiles to Their Faces Through Family Retreats

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 8, 2013
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How much does it take you to get a kid to smile? Usually, it’s just a funny face or a promise to pick up some ice cream after school, but when it came to Katherine, getting this teenager with autism and developmental delays to smile was a challenge. It’s why our volunteers at Family Retreat made an effort to get to know Katherine (her likes and dislikes, her specific needs) — because we know that helping a family with special needs requires a big heart of service. And it’s we’re asking you to join us as we serve these families by signing up as a short-term missionary (volunteer) for our Family Retreats … So, did Katherine ever smile? Look for yourself with this short video taken from our TV episode, “Katherine’s Smile.”

Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story is Released!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 2, 2013
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Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story BookThe inspiring marriage of Joni Eareckson and Ken Tada is revealed to the public today with the release of Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story. When Ken Tada married Joni Eareckson in 1982, they already faced a challenge most couples can’t imagine: quadriplegia. Compounded later by chronic pain, depression and breast cancer, their marriage was tested beyond the norm. Now after 30 years of marriage and for the first time, Ken and Joni share the secret to their enduring love despite all the obstacles they’ve faced. The Tadas’ transparency is evident early on as Joni shares the story of their first date and her embarrassment at Ken having to empty her leg bag. It’s clear he’s up for the task, and even being called “Mr. Eareckson” on their honeymoon leaves him undaunted about life as the husband of the famous mouth artist and star of the eponymous book and film Joni. As new difficulties and challenges came along, however, the...

Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 1, 2013
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They say approximately 90% of marriages affected by disability end in divorce, but after more than 30 years of marriage, Joni and Ken are breaking the odds. But that doesn’t mean Joni and Ken have not faced their fare share of troubles. So, whether you are disabled or not, if you are married or planning on getting married, listen to Joni and Ken’s marriage advice by visiting Joni’s radio page this week. And, of course, don’t forget to check out their new book, Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story — a book that reveals the hope of Christ through this marriage’s greatest trials. Here’s a sneak peak video of what it’s all about.