January 2018

“At Family Retreat, We’re Accepted and Loved”

“At Family Retreat, We’re Accepted and Loved”Families affected by disability come to Family Retreat in need of spiritual strength, encouragement, and renewal. For 5 years, Sam Hunter and her son, Brighton, have found just that and more at Family Retreat. When they first arrived at Retreat...

Christmas Cards—Special Offer! 50% Off!

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  • Jan. 4, 2018
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Christmas Cards SaleWe've got a special offer just for you! Joni's popular Christmas Cards are now on sale for 50% off ($6.00 per box)! The Glory to God and Joy to the World Christmas card boxes include 15 foil cards and 16 foil-lined envelopes. Insert your own family...

Brand-New Re-Release Book by Joni!

When Is It Right to Die?In When Is It Right to Die?, Joni shares her own journey of choosing life-giving alternatives over assisted suicide. She also invites you into the stories of others who are wrestling with the heartache of end-of-life questions, while giving insight into...

Heaven: Your Real Home... From a Higher Perspective

Joni Eareckson Tada has taken us on a journey into the wonders of Heaven. In her newly revised book, Heaven: Your Real Home… From a Higher Perspective, she answers the deepest questions of our hearts: what will Heaven be like, who we will see there, and who we will be there?

“This life is not forever, nor is it the best life that will ever be.”

Now, in her late 60s and over 50 years spent with quadriplegia, Joni is much closer to heaven than she was when she first wrote this book 25 years ago. She says, "I will soon—soon! —hear His voice, look into His eyes, and feel His embrace. And He will say, ’Welcome home, Joni.’" It is from this perspective that she now speaks about how we can live for Jesus as we look forward to our real home.

“It’s odd to express appreciation to a wheelchair, but I do”

Joni has been dreaming and longing for Heaven ever since her accident
and now, 51 years later, there is so much she has to say.

For Joni, looking towards Heaven wasn’t necessarily an escape from the hard reality of life with quadriplegia, but it ...

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