April 2018

Salvation in Jesus and a Baptism at Family Retreat!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 28, 2018
  • Family Retreats

Thank you for allowing God to use you to pour out His love to families affected by disability. One such family is the Wallrauchs. Todd and Krysta came with their daughter, Elizabeth, and son, Matthew, who has autism. It’s easy for these parents to feel exhausted and alone when taking care of a child with...

Go Make Disciples

“Healthy leadership does not happen to people affected by disability, nor does it only happen for them. It should happen with them.” – Go Make Disciples

The newest book in our Irresistible Church series, “Go Make Disciples,” walks the reader through the steps to a healthy mentoring relationship with those affected by disability.

Irresistible leadership isn’t just about leading individuals affected by disability. Rather, it is about creating space for everyone who is called into leadership to come, grow, and express their gifts and talents. Healthy leadership does not happen to people affected by disability nor does it only happen for them. It should happen with them. In this book, you will learn the four steps to a healthy mentoring relationship and be used by God to release people into the spheres of...

A Brand-New Resource for You…

When a family is affected by disability, everyone’s life changes. Whether you’re a father, mother, sibling, grandparent, or another relative, you have specific questions based on your role in the family, as well as unique needs for support. Real Families, Real Needs not only answers those questions...

National Volunteer Week - Eileen

Since 2012, Eileen Nyholm has served on multiple Wheels for the World (WFTW) outreaches each year. The vision of Joni and Friends was shared with her when she was recruited on an outreach to Ukraine in 2011. Motivated and inspired by this outreach, Eileen quickly signed up for her second WFTW outreach to the Dominican Republic the next year.

Since then, she’s served on 19 WFTW outreaches in 9 countries! Bringing over 35 years of experience as an occupational therapist, Eileen’s role is vital on these teams to identify the orthopedic, neurological, and skin needs of each recipient and determine which piece of equipment meets those needs. She’s often placed in leadership as the team’s Lead Therapist, who makes certain that each recipient receives a wheelchair that’s perfect for them. In 2018 alone, Eileen will be serving on 5 different WFTW outreaches, two of which are student-integrated Outreaches that partner with...

Sarah - A Faithful Servant of the Lord

Sarah found out about Joni and Friends when she was searching online for international missions organizations. She knew there must be a real need for physical therapists to serve overseas; so in 2013, the Lord led her to serve at Joni and Friends International Family Retreats in Guatemala and Peru. But her passion to serve with Joni and Friends doesn’t end there! Sarah has also served on a Wheels for the World outreach, she’s a Chair Corps volunteer, and she leads a Beyond Suffering small group at her local church with her husband.

As a Short-Term Missionary, Sarah shares her gift as a physical therapist overseas – she meets with people affected by disability over several days and provides physical and spiritual support. She enjoys the helpful interaction of working with both Americans and local volunteers to use her specialty to further God’s kingdom...

National Volunteer Week - Alice

Alice first heard about Joni and Friends in 2011 through Joni's interview with Barbara Walters. And when she heard our president, Doug Mazza, speak at her church a week later, she felt God calling her to volunteer. She then decided to serve at a Family Retreat, and since then she has been faithfully...

National Volunteer Week - Eugene and Evelyn

This week, we’re celebrating the devoted volunteers who dedicate their time to sharing the hope of Christ through our ministry. And today, we’re featuring Eugene and Evelyn Wong – two of our most faithful volunteers at Joni and Friends! They first began volunteering in 2005, when they heard about Joni by reading her books. And since then, they’ve come to our International Disability Center every Friday morning to serve with our Development Department and apply themselves with diligence...

Meet Melena - Our Faithful Volunteer!

Meet Melena, a mom of an adult son on the autism spectrum and a passionate Joni and Friends volunteer! Melena has volunteered at Joni and Friends New England since 2005 in many different capacities. When she first heard about our Family Retreats, she jumped at the chance to lead a...

Unconditional Love

Nǐ hǎo! Hello from the C4L China team!

Last month, we all met from eight different states for the first time with one thing in common: love. It was such a beautiful thing! Cultural and doctrinal differences were put aside. Walls felldown. Suddenly all other things didn't seem as important when the unconditional love of the Father brought us together and drove us into the world.

I could tell you about what a blast the children and our team had with VBS in the mornings. I could go on and on about the afternoon opportunities to shadow in therapy and worshiping in Beijing and the wonderful cultural adventures. But I think we would agree that the reason we were in China is that Jesus is always calling us...

National Volunteer Week - Joy Eusebio

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 16, 2018
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It’s National Volunteer Week! We’re dedicating this week to recognizing the faithful volunteers who partner with us each day to serve people affected by disability through prayer and hands-on ministry. Because of their support and participation, we’re able to share the message of Christ, equip...

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