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  • By: Joni and Friends
  • July 24, 2012
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  • Wheels For The World

orapin and her daughter dear in her new wheelchairTen-year-old Dear was born with cerebral palsy. Local doctors in Thailand offered no help to her mother, Orapin – until this year. A tiny village hospital told her about Joni and Friends’ Wheels for the World outreach. “Go there,” they said. “They will show you love.” So Orapin packed up Dear and traveled over four hours to reach the Wheels for the World distribution site. Orapin didn’t dare hope for too much – but because of the promise that she would find love at Wheels for the World, Orapin traveled on through the night with Dear in her arms. As a wheelchair was customized for Dear by Wheels therapists, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared with Orapin, using a Thai Bible. But it was the moment when Dear was tenderly lifted into a beautiful wheelchair that Jesus’ love became real. It was the hands-on proof that God tenderly cares for His little ones. “The doctors were right,” Orapin said. “We have found love here at Joni and Friends.” And holding her new Bible, she whispered ... “These are the love letters from our Father.” With your generous help, Wheels for the World is rebuilding the lives of people just like Orapin and Dear by introducing them to Jesus Christ. Thousands of children and adults with disabilities are still waiting to hear the Good News. With your help, we’ll reach them!


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1 Comment

Dear Joni, How encouraging to hear the good news of people being touched by the ministry of JAF.This is of immense value in the eyes of God.I am sure angels in heaven were singing joyfully to our Lord for His wonderful deeds when Dear and Orapin accepted the Saviour of the world our Lord Jesus into their lives.
  • July 27, 2012
  • 12:13 p.m.
  • San