Pathway to Servant-Leadership

Dear past, present, or future intern:

It is with much excitement – and a strong desire to support your potential call to ministry – that I welcome you to the Cause 4 Life Pathway to Servant Leadership!

This Pathway was developed in response to the voiced desires of prior Cause 4 Life interns that more be done to provide direction and support for those who sense the life-changing call to ministry – full or part-time – to and with those affected by disability.

Your consideration and decision to join this Pathway is one that should not be taken lightly! Entering some level of ministry should only be done after extensive time in prayer and consultation with those whom God has already used in your life to help guide your steps. The Pathway can be a helpful map to maturity as you prayerfully seek to walk in step with the Holy Spirit’s work in your life!

We at Joni and Friends are committed to encourage and help guide you in the journey!

The pages that follow offer an overview of the Cause 4 Life Pathway to Servant Leadership by way of a flowchart and a brief description of each of the Pathway’s Five Phases. These pages are in no way meant to be exhaustive, nor cover any and all potential ministry paths. The Pathway is a general guide – framed around Joni and Friend’s programs, staff, and ministries – which can provide organic mentorship and experience specific enough to cater to your own personal skills and spiritual gifts. As one progresses down the Pathway, it is our prayer that the Lord’s direction and call in your life will become sharpened as you seek to fulfill the plan He has for you in ministry.

If after prayerful consideration and seasoned council, you sense this Pathway is for you – feel free to submit the Cause 4 Life Pathway to Servant Leadership application.

In addition to submitting your application, we request: (1) a one-page cover letter that captures your personal desire and passion, (2) three references that can give testimony to your servant- leadership potential and calling, and (3) a resume of your background, family, education, experiences, and goals.

Thank you for your passion and desire to serve others as you follow Him!

Pathway Introduction

Apply to the Pathway