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At home or in the classroom, Joni and Friends Kids’ Corner wants to support the adults who love and teach the next generation. Whether you are altering an entire curriculum, looking to fill five minutes, or something in between, we would love to hear from you.


Books for Parents

No one understands like someone who has been there.

Same Lake, Different Boat

Why Bad Things Happen

Finding your Child's Way

Another Kind of Courage

A Never Give up Heart


Books for Children

Help for hard topics or just a good story to share.

View Books for Children


Disability Ministry

Make your children's ministry irresistible.

Special Needs Smart Pages

Autism and Your Church


Fostering Friendships

Help kids make lasting friendships.

Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities

Friendship Adventures - Twelve episodes covering tips for being a good friend to someone with a disability. Each episode comes with questions to test comprehension and an answer key.