January 2019 - Week 1

Tuesday 1 Pray for God’s clear guidance and blessing as we enter 2019. May each person we encounter hear the clear message of salvation found in Christ and their intrinsic value as someone created in God’s own image and likeness for His glory.

Wednesday 2 Praise God for the generous response to our Director’s Dinners which will in turn bring love, resources, and hope to many communities in the United States and around the world.

Thursday 3 Joni and Friends New England: Praise God for the successful Wheels for the World trip to Thailand. Joining with our in-country partners and directed by the Spirit, many received the gift of mobility and the hope of the Gospel.

Friday 4 Joe has progressive MS and is struggling financially. Pray God guides him to a job that will use his gifts and accommodate his health concerns.

Saturday 5 Joni and Friends Mississippi: Praise the Lord for another sweet season of Christmas deliveries to individuals and families touched by disability throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee.