January 2019 - Week 3

Sunday 13 Joni and Friends Southern Oregon: Pray churches in the Pacific Northwest will be open to receiving disability ministry training so that many more families will be evangelized and discipled. 

Monday 14 Pray Jeri experiences the Lord’s comfort and excellent medical care to regain as much speech as possible after her recent stroke.

Tuesday 15 Praise God for times of reflection when we inventory what God has given us. The secret of contentment is wrapped up in simple gratitude for what God has already provided.

Wednesday 16 Pray for the typical siblings who sometimes feels neglected when parents have to spend significant amounts of time meeting the needs of their child with a disability. May God give parents the wisdom to foster a spirit of love within the entire family.

Thursday 17 Pray the Lord guides and inspires each of our staff as they implement our strategic plan for 2019.

Friday 18 Pray more lawyers will have a heart to assist people with disabilities in their legal needs.

Saturday 19 Kids’ Corner: Ask God to bring new and loving friends into the lives of children affected by disability.