January 2019 - Week 4

Sunday 20 Lyn has breast cancer and her husband recently asked her for a divorce. Pray he will recommit his life to Christ and their marriage be restored.

Monday 21 Pray for strength, stamina, breath, and a clear voice for Joni as she shares her hard-won lessons in the radio programs being recorded today.

Tuesday 22 Pray for God’s clear leading in the lives of each person who participates in a Cause 4 Life internship in 2019.

Wednesday 23 Praise God churches are reaching out to the teen and adult disability communities with programs like Young Life Capernaum and Friendship Ministries. Pray many more will feel welcomed and experience the love of Christ.

Thursday 24 JAF MN: Pray for wisdom and guidance as we, along with the other Area Ministries, begin to form our Family Retreat leadership teams. May the key positions be filled, and the teams come together with unity and purpose.

Friday 25 JAF PA: Ongoing prayer is needed for the relationships we are forming in China. God has been faithful to bring new partners who have similar goals for reaching out to the many underserved in the disability community.

Saturday 26 JAF TN: Pray for wisdom and discernment as interviews are conducted for a new Church Engagement Manager. May God bring His person to complement our team for increased ministry opportunities.