January 2019 - Week 5

Sunday 27 Megan is a 42-year-old woman with MD who lives in Malaysia. Pray the Lord provides caring Christians to assist her in meeting her goal to live independently.

Monday 28 Joni and Friends Sacramento: Praise God for the incredible support we’ve received from our donors and volunteers making it possible to share God’s heart for families affected by disability in our churches and community.

Tuesday 29 Joni and Friends International Disability Center: As we anticipate a time of rich fellowship at our All Staff Conference, pray for travel mercies and meaningful times of learning, training, and strategizing as we trust God for His blessing in this new year. 

Wednesday 30 Pray for Lori to experience God’s comforting guidance and peace as she lives with significant pain after having a mastectomy.

Thursday 31 Church Engagement: As Area Ministries provide training for local churches to effectively embrace and include families affected by disability, pray these church leaders will begin meeting together in local networks for support, encouragement, and additional training.